Three Things (Friday March 17 2017)

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Three Things, a short list of three interesting items found around the internet.

#1Why Rock Can’t Compete With Hip-Hop In 2017 (Genius)

The staff (geniuses?) over at lyric storing house Genius recently dropped an article outlining an argument as to why hip-hop dominates today’s landscape – because it can sound like anything it damn well pleases. An intriguing opinion that definitely has points for and against it.

People have also been proclaiming that rock’s been dead for years (exhibit A / exhibit B / exhibit C, to name a few), so there’s some food for thought.

#2Why We Can’t Give South Asian Artists Who Say The N-Word A Pass (The Fader)

Anupa Mistry over at The Fader details some of the problematic language that recent XO Records signee NAV has been using as part of his music. The Cultural Studies student part of me is eating this shit up like it’s going out of style.

#3An Open Letter to Kendrick Lamar (DJ Booth)

This article over on DJ Booth finds Montreal artist (and all-around good guy) Jonathan Emile penning an open letter to Top Dawg Entertainment / Kendrick Lamar about a verse for a track that Emile had paid TDE for some years back. Seems like JE is getting fed up of getting what’s rightfully his. Let’s hope TDE comes around – the track in question (‘Heaven Help Dem’) is pretty solid, check it out here.

BONUS – A video for your weekend

I’ve always been fascinated by people who speedrun videogames. I remember downloading silent .wmv files over a decade ago, watching people both play in real-time and use tool-assisted programs in order to achieve what some thought impossible.

Youtube user Summoning Salt has begun chronicling the evolution of speedruns from some of the most popular communities. Check out his video about the evolution of the SNES game Super Metroid below.


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