Three Things (Tuesday March 21 2017)

#1 – The Extremely Nerdy Music Science Behind Why You Love Drake’s “Passionfruit” (Noisey)

Looks like this week’s gonna be an ALL DRAKE ALL THE TIME kinda week. Dude has apparently beaten a number of streaming records, added fuel to the Drake x Jennifer Lopez dumpster fire (sampling J. Lo may have been a little too on-the-nose, really) and big upped UK rappers like Skepta, Dave and Giggs on More Life.

One of the more interesting pieces to emerge over the last few days, however, is a scientific explanation behind why one would perhaps enjoy More Life cut “Passionfruit”. The dancehall-flavoured song’s chord progressions can cause listeners’ bones to rise up and spontaneously dance. Now we know why.

#2Female Bonding: The Strange History of Wonder Woman (Bitch magazine)

While the internet’s all up in arms about the apparent de-fuzzification of Gal Gadot’s armpits in the new Wonder Woman trailer, I’d much rather explore the interesting origins of the superhero’s creations more than five decades ago. Bitch magazine’s feature from a decade ago is as pertinent a read as ever.

#3Angels & Demons (St. Petersburg Times via

Undoubtedly one of the best longreads I’ve had the pleasure of sitting with in a long time, this piece about the murder of a mother and her two daughters while on vacation in Florida is a masterclass in feature-writing. At times heart-wrenching and deeply moving, this October 1997 piece remains a solid piece of journalism almost two decades on.